30 Languages are Now Supported for Questionnaires

Improvement 5 days ago

With the continuing rise of international travellers, we have decided to support more languages for our questionnaire. It is now possible to ask question to users in these languages and have automated translations generated.

You can now make use of all of the following languages -

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Russian
  • Montenegrin / Serbian
  • Swedish
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Bulgarian
  • Greek
  • Croatian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Turkish
  • Macedonian
  • Bosnian
  • Albanian
  • Moldovan

Improved To-Do Visualisations

Improvement 2 weeks ago

When a review or feedback has a related To-Do, we now have better visualisation of this alongside the review or feedback itself.

Simply click on the icon, and you will be shown all of the related To-Do's for this review and the ability to create a new one.

If you click on a listed To-Do, you will be automatically redirected to that specific To-Do in your account.

Upgraded Medialog Interface

Improvement 2 weeks ago

Although we have had an interface with Medialog for quite some time, we have upgraded this conncetion to be more efficient for our customers. This is available to all customers already using the Medialog interface and nothing needs to be done to take advantage of it.

Impala Interface Now Live

New 2 weeks ago

Our interface with Impala has just gone live. For those who are not yet familiar with Impala, they are a platform which integrates once with your PMS and then acts as an interface for any number of vendors, such as Customer Alliance.

This makes adding new vendors to your hotel technology stack very quick and cost-effective.

Collect NPS ratings for your Brand as well

New 1 month ago

Collecting NPS scores has been one of the most popular questions used by our customers.

However, these were only available as a rating for an individual business. For chains and businesses who have a Brand, it was not possible to evaluate an NPS score on the brand-level.

This is now possible, and you will find a new NPS question for this in your Questionnaire Builder.

The data collected from these questions from all of your local businesses will report up into the HQ account to gain a full oversight about the NPS score for your brand.